Tebita Ambulance sees a huge opportunity at Industrial zones in Remote areas. We believe more than 10,000 employees are working in these sites in different parts of Ethiopia; were accidents or health issues are bound to happen. Hence, we want to ensure these industrial zones are covered adequately with First Aid and Health Safety Training and an exclusive ambulance service provided with well trained professional staff that will always be present to help employees in life-threatening emergencies such as airway and circulatory system problem. Our main goal is to guarantee all the remote industrial zones which are providing employment benefits to Ethiopians be adequately covered from the health point of view and to forbid any isolated accident that endures work in this fast-paced economy; as we understand the loss of productive manpower and time will have its impacts. Some of the International organization that engaged us in their projects includes:

Client Name


Yapi Merkezi


Siemens AG



Somali Region

Isulox Corsan

Walayta Sodo


Somali Region

Bedele Brewery S.C. 


Heineken Brewery S.C

Addis Ababa

Orchid Business Group


Total Oil – Ethiopia