TEBITA Ambulance - Pre-Hospital Emergency Medical Service (TEBITA): is the first private-sector emergency medical services company in Ethiopia. Mr. Kibret Abebe a licensed nurse anesthetist with more than 25 years of experience in health care in Ethiopia founded TEBITA in 2008. TEBITA provides 24-hour ambulance service in Addis Ababa, remote medical assistance to multinational companies operating in Ethiopia, and ground evacuation services throughout the country. The company is licensed by t h e Addis Ababa Health Bureau to provide emergency pre-hospital medical services and certified first aid and health safety training. In 2015, Mr. Kibret formed East Africa Emergency Services, LTD in Seychelles with investors from the United States as a partner organization to increase the capacity of TEBITA.

TEBITA was founded with the goal of reducing severe injuries, mortality, and morbidity of people involved in accidents and patients with emergency medical conditions. Proper emergency medical services contribute to a patient’s recovery and rehabilitation. The earnest need for professional intervention initiated the establishment of the first private emergency medical service provider in Ethiopia. TEBITA aims to provide emergency ambulance service, create awareness on first aid and health safety through formal training, and mass media and advocate the development of well-organized emergency medical services and management.

To date, TEBITA has responded to more than 60,000 calls for ambulance support and remains the only private company providing such services in Ethiopia. Furthermore, TEBITA has been engaged in creating awareness of first aid and health safety through formal training and public service media broadcasts. Its four digits’ emergency number (8035) is well known in Addis Ababa. Responding to calls from all over the country, TEBITA has evacuated patients in distress to hospitals in Addis Ababa and facilitated evacuations around the world. The company serves as the country representative to international health insurance companies including Africa Assist, AMREF, Flying doctors and SOS International.